Proxima Centauri.


I finally managed to do a proper long run. By ‘proper’, I don’t mean running straight through, but I got to a distance I was happy with at a pace that wasn’t terrible. That’ll have to do.

But a new thing happened yesterday; the horking. I didn’t actually throw up, but shortly after I got home, I got some serious stomach cramps and really thought I might do. This is a thing I’ve seen happen at the end of marathons on television, but it’s never been part of my amateur running life, so it was a bit alarming. Then I ate lasagna and was fine. I hope that’s the only comparison I can make between myself and Garfield.

Gawd, how dull am I this morning? It’s snowing, I slept poorly, and I’m a bit rattled, so go entertain yourself by catching up a bit on this.

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