I’m so close to a year of daily blogging, but I am really bloody phoning it in this week. Sorry about that. Publication week is often mad, but this time around, it’s turned me into a useless zombie outside of work times. There is so much to do that I don’t know where to begin. And, at this point, I’m fairly sure that I will need to burn down my office if I ever want to tidy and organize it effectively.

So, yes, the debate yesterday. I only watched about 45 minutes of it, because I was watching ‘Arrow’ and trying to avoid thinking and/or politics. I tweeted quite a lot, because it’s about 3% more satisfying than just yelling at the television. I don’t think Obama was thorough or ‘truthy’ enough, but Mitt was so ill-informed and out of touch that it didn’t matter.

The best thing about the debate was that this Tumblr was established about ten minutes after Mr Romney’s story/lie about his pioneering work in the hiring of women. Here’s why that’s important.

And, even though I’m not American, his turning the gun debate into a plea for people to get married before having kids because that leads to violence (I’m paraphrasing – the full transcript is here) made me blind with rage. I mean, I was largely raised by a single parent and I haven’t shot up the neighbourhood in YEARS. YOU DON’T KNOW ME, MITT ROMNEY.

Sigh. Yes, I could make a comment about race/class/etc., but trying to understand how a man who can’t relate to, well, anyone but a privileged (if you want to call it that) few might become president is really too exhausting a task right now. I’m angry. And sleepy. And genuinely ill-informed.

Here’s Rosie Perez being pretty awesome about how flippancy doesn’t make for good Presidents (reason #109 why I won’t ever be Commander-in-Chief of anywhere, let alone the U.S.):

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