Quality time.


Another phone blog, this time from my backyard, where I will be spending much of today. Small gathering of people to celebrate my 7/20th of a century day tomorrow.

(Dragonboat tomorrow night means drinking muchly today instead.)

Idon’t plan birthdays so much, and no one plans them for me (spinsterhood hurrah! Though, in his case, I actually, really don’t care) , so I just tell people that I will be a (x) place for a block of time and that they can join me to eat and drink things. This year, I decided that, instead of a restaurant or pub, since I’d be sitting outside drinking on my porch, folks might as well join me there.

Of course, the long(ish) run and hours of errands (the giant Loblaws near my house was sold out of veggie burgers!) yesterday (and resulting early bedtime) mean the house is in disarray and I need to do some at least rudimentary toddler proofing outside. I hope 6.5 hours is enough.

(Can anyone recommend a housekeeping service in the Hintonburg area? It is becoming more and more clear that Rory and I suck at keeping up with this stuff.)

But first, there are pancakes to eat and cupcakes to ice. Have a lovely Sunday.

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  1. Alison

    Will’s not walking on his own yet, so don’t freak out too much. We will all keep an eye on him, promise. 🙂

    My housecleaner is based near us and she’s full up, but I can recommend hiring someone. Best $140/month we’ve ever spent.

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