Quality time.


#100BM Day 62

Had a good day today, even though I’ve barely spoken to anyone at all (except the lady who de-monobrows me and, briefly, Weebro, who was on his way to a wedding (who did NOT take my advice about a lighter shirt! it’s summer, dude!!!).

Tried Yin yoga for the first time (via a video) and man, did it unlock the stiffness in my lower back and hips wonderfully. Will do again.

Should probably go to an actual class, though, because I can’t seem to do pigeon pose and other things that put any kind of pressure on my kneecap without it hurting.

I haven’t been to a yoga class in more than a year, probably because my last few experiences made me feel like I was on a factory line; not that I want a touchy-feely woo-woo situation, but being in a room with fifty people who do not interact at all gets weird. I mean, we’re sweating our arses off, looking our worst! We should be connecting on some level! Probably.

And the last class I went to was advertised as ‘all levels’, but it most definitely was not. And the instructor basically ignored anyone who wasn’t able to keep up.

Of course, Ottawa being Ottawa, and being pretty affluent and slightly up itself, has 900 yoga studios to choose from. I could find somewhere else. But I haven’t yet.

Also, the solo practice is easier to fit into my weird work schedule anyway, hence today’s adventures in DoYogaWithMe. It is getting ridiculous how many self-improvement-y internet things I’m using lately. Next thing you know, I’ll be wearing all-hemp clothing, avoiding gluten, nitrites, GMOs (including orange carrots), and fluoride, and reeking of nag champa.

It’s probably a pre-midlife crisis.

Lately, I have made a few slightly woo-woo changes, though, and stopped drinking during the week (not that I drink a lot) and stopped consuming coffee after lunchtime, in case either of those things were affecting my sleep. Also tried out melatonin a couple of nights too. As such, I have had a full night’s zzzzzzzZZzzz (with very few interruptions) THREE NIGHTS IN A ROW.

Good lord, it is glorious. Sleep: I highly recommend it.

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  1. Ali

    Sleep, huzzah! Melatonin is your friend. I know it helps both of us when we need a reset. Glad you had a good day.

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