Quality time.


Oh, hey, I forgot to write a thing this morning, but don’t have time to write the thing I wanted to, so go read this great thing about not being mean to fat people that Lindy West wrote for Jezebel instead.

Also, I’ve *almost* decided to go to Edinburgh in August. Any recommendations of non-bank-breaking accommodation (but not youth hostels – I like sleeping, and Edinburgh in August in a hostel is not ideal for that) are appreciated.

4 thoughts on “Quality time.

  1. Alison

    Yes, this, a thousand times this. How very well-put. I am not going to get skinnier because guys bark at me from their cars.

  2. This: http://www.factotumletting.com/ is the site I used to find the apartment I stayed in last year during the Fringe. Although that can be a bit pricey (especially with the exchange rate) unless you have someone to share with. Both times I’ve gone to the Fringe I’ve shared an apartment for at least some of the time with people I found through Watson or Minchin’s forums.

    I’ve also stayed at Euro hostel (http://www.euro-hostels.co.uk/edinburgh), which has single rooms for a pretty good price, especially for it’s location, but about 1/4 of their rooms are right on Cowgate, which is very noisy and stays that way for most of the night, so if you’re unfortunate enough to land one of those you might find it hard to sleep.

    • megan

      Rad! Thank you so much! Last time I went was right after I inherited some money from my grandmother, so I splurged on a giant flat, and the previous time was when I was a student and living in University of Edinburgh housing, so I was at a bit of a loss.

      • No worries! I’m super bummed that I can’t make it this year (might not even afford JFLs, even), but helping other people get there alleviates my woes somewhat. =)

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