Since hardly anyone read my entries this weekend, I’m storming off in a huff.

Or, I will re-encourage you to look up Miriam Margolyes on YouTube.

And then go check out Emma Thompson in interviews like this. I’ve often said that if I could travel back in time, it would be to Cambridge in the last 1970s/early 80s so I could hang out with the Footlights because I’m a big nerd and in total awe of the level of amazing in that cohort. She’s stupendously talented, wonderful self-deprecating, and I wish I had 1/10th of her brilliance in writing/performing/supporting amazing causes/living a lovely life.

I love when she’s on Letterman.

And Jonathan Ross.

And QI.

And in thoroughly cringe-worthy, hilarious movie scenes.

And, most of all, when she’s accepting awards.

One thought on “Raconteuses.

  1. Amanda

    Yep, you are My People. I’ve loved Emma since I saw her bit part in Henry V, a love that has only grown, the more I’ve seen her perform/talk/live. She is awesomeness personified.

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