#100BM Day 27

Infinite wisdom and lack of ambition mean that family Easter plans hadn’t really been addressed until after last night, and even then, they are not firmly in place.

Maybe I need to adopt some small children and/or be adopted by new parents in order to get something out of this holiday again.

R.’s mum did give me one of the Laura Secord eggs that one can only eat in 3mm increments or risk dying of pancreatic exhaustion, though, so that’s something.

Yesterday was lovely, in that it was about 15C when I went for a bike and stroll yesterday. Patios were open, and hugely busy, next to disgusting, blackened piles of accumulated snow. And PACKED.

Then the temperature dropped about twenty degrees, bringing rain and more snow. This has not helped my days-long allergy headache disappear, only strengthened with a bonus barometric pressure-related rebellion.

Since not much else was going on, iiterally, the top story in the news was that Whole Foods, gasp!, dared to open on Good Friday, despite tricky by-laws that mandate that most businesses stay closed. Their fines will be in the tens of thousands, possibly. But we went to said (new as of a couple of months ago) Whole Foods and it was fucking crazy. I have yet to buy anything there after four trips, save for a coffee from their cafĂ© when I had missed a bus and popped in to see whether they had tandoori paste (they didn’t).

But yes, for the one person not from Canadialand, this city/province more or less shut down for Good Friday, which is interesting because the U.S. does not and, perhaps you’ve noticed, they tend to wear their Christian majority badge on their sleeves more boldly, with occasional bonus crying eagle. I kind of don’t mind, though, and although I am not religious, I think shutting down for a few days is a good thing for everyone. Never mind that I work in a business that generally never closes.

Speaking of movies, we also checked out the new multiplex in the Lansdowne development too. I’m assuming it was between showtimes, but it looked pretty abandoned, aside from a few people in the arcade. They had 14 shows of Furious 7 in various formats, so my worries that they were going to be competition for our snooty-toot cinema seem to have been unwarranted. For now.

Now to do a bit of housework before heading to workwork. May the thrills never stop.

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