Real estate.


Y’know Marina City? The buildings from the Wilco album cover? Right in downtown Chicago, on the river? You can live in a pretty big one-bedroom apartment with a fantastic view in there for the price of a studio overlooking a dumpster in Ottawa.

I think that seems a reasonable price to pay to potentially be able to send RC quadcopters bearing rude messages to hover outside the windows of Trump Tower, just down the river, to annoy the residents, but I have never been good with money. Nor quadcopters.

2 thoughts on “Real estate.

  1. Richard

    So that’s your game, huh? I thought it was suspect how underwhelmed you seemed while I ranted about it tonight. Well I got first, OLG willing. Besides, you could never live on a ’23th’ floor.

    (you can have the old kitchen bits once I gut it, though, yuck)

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