When you get a call from your bank asking why you haven’t made a payment on your line of credit since October 10th when you’re sure that you’ve actually made TWO since then is pretty freaky.

Going online to verify that you made these payments (yep, one on each of this month’s paydays – trying to get out of the quagmire of debt in the next two years) doesn’t help.

Because the list of billables linked to my bank card and viewable at the ATM? Does not include my current line of credit, but a different one, perhaps my old student one from 10+ years ago.

So, well done me for not making sure that was sorted out before deciding to pay at the ATM instead of online. Twice.

And where’s my money? The bank cannot say, but they have set out a trace for it. It will take 10 to 15 business days to figure it out.

However, as their collections department only gave me a week’s leeway, I’m a bit concerned.

But not nearly as concerned as potentially finding out that my $1000 bucks has gone to some psychopath in a Syrian training camp, though. They might be able to buy a couple of Kalashnikovs for that? I dunno. I’ve never accidentally funded such things before and wouldn’t know whom to ask for receipts.

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