#100BM Day 23

Two Benadryl are not enough to knock me out, to my annoyance.

When I walked outside yesterday after work, my eyes started watering within seconds, and my sinuses turned to bricks soon after. After dreaming of spring for months, it was a hideous reminder that spring is my nemesis.

Between that and my creaking joints, I am skipping today’s run. A day after I decided to change up my training plan so that I was only out three days (TThSa) a week instead of four (MWFSu). I’d be my own worst enemy if the snow mould hadn’t been kicking my ass so effectively first.

Meeting yesterday went OK. I didn’t sound TOO foolish, was open about some limitations, but they still seemed interested. This is good. My salesmanship skills are superhampered by my honesty, skepticism and frequently terrible personality.

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