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#100BM Day 72

Lordy, I am tired. I had an actually active weekend (not in a physically active way, just socially/activity-wise). And I forgot to write a post for today.

Hamish is not doing fantastically. He is taking pills that I just put in his mouth, so no more spoon smashing into food, but he’s not so keen on eating (though he conned me into opening up some tuna, and did eat a few bites). He is doing a lot of drinking water and walking around making the odd sad sound, though. Thinking about taking him back to the vet later this week to see if they can do some kidney function testing sooner rather than later. Poor sweet beast. Feeling so low that he won’t sleep in my bed, which is ridiculously unusual.

On the better news front, Mad Max: Fury Road was pretty fun/great and Tig Notaro is an international treasure of the highest order. Got there early. Sat front row centre. Couldn’t take my eyes off her for a second because I didn’t want to miss a head twitch or kitten paw.

That having been said, she made a very similar joke to one that Mark Watson made a few years ago. Almost definitely coincidence, since she is unlikely to know who the hell that is (despite Minchin being a friend of both). I feel so conflicted! Two quite alike minutes of comedy from two different continents!

Speaking of twos, it’s two minutes to midnight. Zzzzz.

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