Regina Falange.


#100BM Day 8

Managed my long run yesterday. Mostly running. There were also walk breaks and plenty of pauses to get angry at my phone’s GPS for now working because it was cloudy. 1.1km in 25 minutes? I know I am slow, but give me a frickin’ break. (In the first 9:16, apparently, I went 0.0km. GO ME.)

Despite these frustrations, it was sorta fine. I mean, it’s not THAT hard to map a run after the fact. I didn’t have to click 11000 times with a surveyor’s wheel, or even drive a doofy loop after running it.

But still, why is my track (no pun intended) record with phone GPSes so pathetic? I spend too much money on phones for this to happen on a regular basis. And I don’t seem to have this problem very often when I use my phone to see how far I’ve biked, it’s something to do with the way I run. Perhaps I need to be either more or less like Phoebe for the satellites to find me.

Thoroughly exhausted this morning. Not just because of running possibly too much yesterday, but because Sunday night insomnia is BACK, baby. Can’t wait to start a cheerful, productive work day, y’all!!!


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