(Gym trip this morning, so this’ll be short/somewhat repetitive.)

One of the many irritating things about my glamourous showbiz life is people asking “So, do you get to see all the movies?”

In theory, yes. In practice, not so much. I might work in Happy Fun Town Movieland, but do you ever want to stay at work two hours late? Even to watch a movie? Sometimes, often really, getting the hell out of the building is more important than seeing a film I only have lukewarm interest in. Maybe that’s bad and wrong and ungrateful, but I like to be at my own home sometimes, even if it doesn’t (usually) smell like delicious popcorn there.

As for during the day, I have work to do (crazy but true), and during press screenings (especially now in the age of mostly digitial, where I can run a movie), I’m the only one in the building who isn’t a media person reviewing the film, so I have to be available to answer phones/the door/messages from carrier pigeons. I can hear the movies, if I leave my office door open, though, and I can tell that Pink Ribbons (mentioned here before) is a corker of a documentary. A couple of the invited guests at yesterday’s preview took ages to leave because they were having a very animated discussion about the issues raised. That one, I’ll stay at work late for.

I’ll also be tuning into Q later, because they are going to talk about the Lance Armstrong Foundation and who benefits most from it. I’ve been curious about it myself, largely because I’m cynical (generally) and, aside from advocating fitness and cancer…something, I mostly know them from their yellow bracelets and other Lance Armstrong-branded things. A anyone who names a charity after themselves gets a raised eyebrow from me. Yes, including you, Oprah.

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