Repeating myself/Aqworiums.


I was very, very tired when I got home and needed a little bit of joy in my life*. That’s why I was DELIGHTED to read the news that Sandra Lee is going to have not one, but TWO new shows.

Reading the lower half of the internet is generally not advisable, but I love the communion of Sandra Lee haters on YouTube. I can’t help it. It’s not all Kwanzaa cake, y’all. And it’s not that she uses mixes, seriously, just that she is making huge money off of legitimately disgusting cocktails and recipes that are clearly stolen from the back of a Duncan Hines box.

I wrote about her months ago, but I just found some NEW (to me) VIDEOS. Is it my birthday? Or just a ploy by the universe to prevent my getting work done (again)? WHY HADN’T I SEEN THEM BEFORE NOW?!

But before I get seriously tucked into the chaos** and wonder and tarted-up oven fries (okay, that one’s a repeat for me and they sound legit delicious), I think I’m going to go pompously make some dough for overnight rising purposes. And/or think about downloading Nigella’s new series, even though it seems awfully meat-heavy for my not-vegetarian-but-not-especially-carniverous self. They are the yin and yang of lady chefs on tv, if such a thing is possible.***

* I am writing this on Wednesday night, as I might try to sleep in a bit tomorrow. Or go out for breakfast. Not sure which yet.

** Fresh mint, orange zest, and a couple of canned mandarins bits FTW. Also, this looks disgusting. She actually says that it’s a ‘healh-conscious’dessert. The only health-related thing it makes me conscious of is nausea.

*** Okay, yin is generally associated with female, and yang male, so that doesn’t work. If Nigella makes me want to have yangness so I can woo her somehow, does that count? Okay, I’m kinda grossing myself out.

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