Repeating patterns.


I have a giant rant brewing, which is a shame given that I have no time to write it up yet. It involves a bit of a research. I try to back up my rage, mostly.

So I will write a wee rant about something else.

To all travellers in the city, be they on foot, on two wheels, or on four:

Pay attention to the road. Pay attention to what other people are doing. Make sure to make your intentions clear. Use signals. Obey traffic lights and stop signs. Pass on the left, not the right. Remember that your bag doesn’t need a seat on the bus. Don’t cut people off because you’re in a hurry, because chances are that the person you cut off is also trying to get somewhere. Don’t open a car door into traffic before looking. Don’t block the bus exits. Don’t bike the wrong way down a one way street. Don’t park in the bike lane. Don’t walk in the bike lane. Don’t bike on the sidewalk.

In essence, be alert and don’t be an asshole. Please. Y’all are driving me to drink (more).

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