Resolutely irritating.


Had one of the lazily busy weeks, that meant that that ‘updating at least once a week’ thing has been left to Saturday morning when I am feeling stupid and sleepy. But I have a dream to get out and written down/typed out before I forget it.

And yes, I know how annoying it is to describe dreams to strangers, but I went back to sleep a  couple of times this morning to see where my brain was taking me with this one:

I was living in a bedsit in a house on a giant square somewhere near a university. I woke up there are realised I had slept in (something I did in real life soon after) and was about to miss my flight back to Canada, even though Richard (who was living nearby) was supposed to call me because he was going to be on the same flights as me. Dream bastard.

I got to the airport and found out that a) Richard had made the flight (double bastard) and b) I had missed it. In my dreams, all airports have one desk total and are never crowded and the airline (which was tiny and had a Spanish-sounding name) tried to reroute me through China and South Africa (yes, both) until I protested that it would take me three days to get home if I did that.

Instead, they sent me to Spain. I had to take a shuttle between airports that went along snowy cliffs by the sea, where a few people were swimming  despite the cold.

Took a break in a cafeteria-style bar and ran into Peter Andre, who was drunk from filming a Bacardi (?) commercial (initially, he was Ted Wass from the ‘Soap’ era, but morphed). Very nice man. He wasn’t interested in talking about Jordan, though, which is a shame.

So yeah, not my best dream, but as I go for weeks of not remembering mine, or, worse, dreaming about fairly usual work days, this was a welcome break.

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