Short, uncohesive, entry this morning, as I’m running super late and really should be hopping on my bike, oh, now. Or fifteen minutes ago.

I’m going on vacation next week. I haven’t had more than four days off in a row since August 2010 (which, okay, isn’t *that* long ago, except it really, really is). I’m not going anywhere super new (London to Poznań to Berlin – all places I visited in 2010), but I wasn’t feeling adventurous in the right way to just drop everything and motorcycle the length of Vietnam (or similar). Also, those things costs way more money than staying with friends in the former Eastern Bloc in frickin’ November.

I have made no plans at all, save going to a radio recording in London. I had intended to go to Petawawa’s wee Lutheran church that my grandfather attended as a boy to do some genealogical research on Karl (or Carl) Sack, my great-grandfather, who, if my grandfather is to be believed, came from the town formerly known as Deutsch Krone, Westpreußen (now Wałcz, Poland). That’s all I know about him. Makes doing research there, especially with my very rudimentary German and non-existent Polish skills, very difficult. My aunt wants more information too, but I’m too embarrassed to tell her how little prep I’ve done. I wonder if I can find a few hours this weekend to drive up the Valley and find out.

However, if Piotr and Chelsea are in Poznan for another couple of years, maybe I’ll get another opportunity to delve into the murky world of my family’s peasanty past?

(I hope Poznań is much nicer than my being stranding in the train station led me to believe, though, just in case Piotr can’t drive me out to Wałcz.)

Quick question: What deficiency (aside from one in peanuty goodness) would cause me to crave peanut butter virtually every day? Sometimes I go months without eating it, but lately, I can’t seem to do without. (I highly recommend cooking a banana into oatmeal and stirring in some peanut butter, though. Best morning fuel ever.)


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