#100BM Day 30

I started using a sleep app recently, to see how well I am actually sleeping.

I think it’s possible that the pressure of worrying of wanting to do well by said app is causing me anxiety, and making my sleep worse.

If that isn’t some of the stupidest, most privileged first world bullshit ever, I don’t know what is. I want to punch myself.

Possibly out, so that I could be unconscious for a while. I need the rest.

For those who haven’t seen it yet, John Oliver’s show ‘Last Week Tonight’ is basically the best thing on television right now. I especially loved this week’s takedown of the supplement industry in the U.S.

Even my rah-rah-Ameri-ca libertarian cousin has admitted that it’s preposterous that the FDA doesn’t stop unsafe things from entering the market, but only maybe, eventually, sometimes takes things off the market when they are proven actually stupidly dangerous.

Don’t have HBO? That’s cool. You can watch the segment online for free because HBO is being nice.

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