Rocking out.


Guitar update:

  • Figured out the first seven notes for ‘Seven Nation Army’, which on an acoustic guitar is ridiculous, but hey, it’s something, right?
  • Almost have two chords down and the beginning of a third. Not sure what to do with them yet.
  • Might aim for a Monkees song first, for obvious reasons, even though their songs were far more complex than they initially seem.

I’m one of maybe six people who opted for watch ‘Dexter’ (which isn’t very good right now) over ‘Breaking Bad’ (I’m, like, two seasons behind) or the VMAs. I don’t think I’ve watched the VMAs since I was a teenager, possibly, and only just realised yesterday that I knew two Taylor Swift songs, not one. And I don’t care for the first one without the goats, anyway.

I don’t hear new music unless I happen to be listening to Q on the right/wrong day. Commercial radio is not on my radar 99.9% of the time. I prefer podcasts. It used to bother me that I wasn’t as into music as I used to be as a teenager, but I’ve made my peace with preferring to listen to olde REM or the Cardigans or Leadbelly (even though my knowledge of the Blues ends with him and Robert Johnson) instead of whichever thing is cool or edgy right now. I think the last outdoor concert I went to was two years ago, to see The Pack A.D., at Richard’s recommendation. The last indoor concert I saw was The Magnetic Fields in Montréal in..2010? I’m not sure.

I’d like to think that this makes me sound like such a douche, though, like the ultimate hipster. ‘Oh, I don’t even listen to bands you haven’t heard of yet because they’re so underground. I’m beyond that.’

I’ve also been drinking out of mason jars since childhood and bike pretty much everywhere, but I’d still only consider myself hipster-adjacent. Any other claims are scurrilous exaggerations.

Ah well. We’ve all got problems.

Jackie’s coming to town next weekend and we want patio recommendations. I mean, Irene’s is pretty much the best, but are there others I might be overlooking that would be good stops on a Tour d’outdoor drinking?

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