#100BM Day 14

Going through the motions a bit today. Terrible sleep; felt like I had a brick in my belly and that I was roasting from the inside (perhaps the clay was fresh from a kiln?).

Woke up with a furious headache, ate breakfast, gave up being human, and went back to bed for a couple of hours. All my joints ache, especially my hips and knees, so I skipped my long run…again.

Took a faux Benedryl early in the day pill and did get a few things done. Slowly. Finally bought wood for new garden boxes, one of which is now complete, thanks to Richard’s drill (not a euphemism).

(Somehow I don’t have enough soil to fill it yet? Very confusing. It’s the same size as the old one.)

Now sitting the dark because my headache’s back and gone ocular. Staring at the screen is doing me no favours either, Might try a wee nap so I can watch ‘Game of Thrones’/weep anew while watching last week’s ‘Previously on…’ roundup.

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