Euchre Night was BACK and blowing my budget last night. So YAY. It was delightful to play again. I got hugged by a friendly old drunk man, who had earlier admonished Kirk for not paying attention. He also had the most wonderful drunken ‘WHAT?’s of anyone I’ve encountered in real life. Cheers, Peter.

However, it’s been a very long time since I went to bed at 2am, so I’m still barely alive at nearly 9am. In order to get my body moving, I made myself a baked egg on sauteed kale, mushroom, green pepper, and cheddar not quite wrapped in a tortilla (it was more taco than burrito), which is probably the best morning fuel I’ve given myself all week.

Which is good, ’cause I have to stumble to work shortly in the drear and drizzle, so I can leave work early and be home for trick-or-treaters.

So this is just a quick entry. Here are some other interesting things to read instead:

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