I didn’t learn a whole lot that I can use in this space today, unless I could figure out how to explain just how tricky learning layout shit. I am learning as we go (towards next Tuesday’s publication date), so my work, she is slow. I didn’t get home until 9. I nearly went to bed straight away.

So, a quick TILALM: Rudolph Valentino was married to two different lesbians. Bad luck, or early bearding attempts? Or, more likely, did the ancient Trivial Pursuit Silver Screen Edition being played in the office have it wrong?

Anyway, the second wife went by Natacha Rambova in her movie career. I presumed she was Russian or some other superslav, but nope. Birth name: Winifred Kimball Shaughnessy. Born in Salt Lake City.

I love it. Changing my name to Macha Kartoshka immediately.

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