Nuts to that. I’m going to the movies.


Well, remember what I said about not having a lot to do? Well, ’tis also the season of trying to fit in visits with out of town folks, cleaning, and cooking up a storm. I have a million things to do and suddenly it’s the 22nd and three key presents I’ve ordered haven’t arrived and GAH!

I tried to stop at the mall on the way home (it’s kind of on the way to the bus home) and just kept walking. I couldn’t tell where the queues ended and more began. Horrifying. Tried again (briefly) this morning. Totally bought a cop-out present for my older brother. (I will put the gift receipt right in the box – or maybe just use it in lieu of a label.)

ANYway, I still have a lot to do. I have no power over the post office. So instead of fretting, I’m going to (mostly) shut off my brain and watch a very silly movie instead.

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