(Holidailies Day #2)

Thing about my life
I am taking a course at the University of Ottawa and am about 20 years older than my classmates. I am a couple of years older than the prof. After today’s pre-exam review, I am not convinced that any of the undergrads in the class have been paying attention at all. Also, girl behind me? I think your boyfriend’s mother doesn’t like you because you are very, very whiny and apparently not terribly bright.

Also, I have a term paper due in five days and I’ve not started the actual writing part. So, I am clearly not bright either.

Thing you might find interesting
Along with other people who did great things (Marie Stopes, Bertrand Russell, Winston Churchill, all sorts of Suffragettes), Nikola Tesla held eugenic beliefs. Ironic, considering that he struggled with mental illness throughout his life but was a leader in his field. But he also never boned down with anyone, so maybe he wasn’t concerned about passing his ‘flaws’ onto future generations.

Besides, intellectual types musing about eugenics was A Thing at the time (and, shockingly!!!, fell out of favour considerably after the Second World War), but yeah, it’s still pretty gross. Something being trendy does not make it good.

I wonder if this lesson could be applied to current events somehow. makes u think,,,

Thing you might find less interesting.
Weebro’s favourite tea, Darjeeling, had been hard to find for quite a while. On Amazon, a box of Twinings was going for $69.99. What the hell? Why Darjeeling specifically? Had it fallen out of favour with the masses? Had its position in the ‘lightly bitter’ stakes been usurped by Rooibos? Is its disappearance something else for which I can blame Kombucha?

Nah, it’s climate change. Floods, droughts, resultant strife. The Darjeeling region is in rough shape and it’ll take a long time to recover.

Thing you might have missed in the news because an orange creature is happily stealing most of the headlines
Because having racist policies was totes AOK back in the day*, the Canadian Federal Government is arguing that it had no obligation to preserve the indigenous identity of children taken from their families and placed in non-aboriginal homes in the 1960s and 70s.

Unfortunately, they have a point. Doesn’t make the situation less horrific, of course.

Thing you might have missed in the news that it’s not a top headline on the Facebook sidebar because their algorithms thing you don’t care
This is most important for actual scientists, who might be into synthesis, and pub quizzers, who will have to update their ‘Elements Named for Places’ and ‘Elements Named for People’ lists, but four elements have been renamed: Nihonium, Moscovium, Tennessine, and Oganesson.

And not long after I learned to spell Ununoctium correctly on the first try. Bah.

* Let’s face it, this is still true.

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