Serious bedtime.


#100BM Day 92

Can’t shake the tireds that came with being sick. I’m managing to bike to and from work OK, but it is a struggle every time, whereas pre-vacation, pre-lurgy, it was barely a thought to hop on my bike for 7-10km twice a day. Now, I’m like a grandparent complaining about walking to school in ten feet of snow.

No, really, it’s uphill both ways, dammit!

I went to the supermarket this morning to pick up essential work provisions (apples, Kleenex, and a pastry). My boss is at TIFF this week, so I also picked up some coffee so I don’t have to make a pot at a time for myself. Sure, I could divide up our pre-measured 12-cup packs, but nuts to that and also I wanted a different brew for a change.

Got back to the cinema, went to make coffee…and like a robot tore open a regular pack and made a full pot without even thinking. The stuff I bought today remains unused.

Even pre-planning a better, easier day/week didn’t work.

Here is the song that inspired the title, which is, ironically, a good waker-upper.


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