Sharing the credit.


(Another night of terrible sleep (it is very dark at 5am people) and morning of sleeping in too long, so here’s a cop-out blog.)

I know some pretty remarkable people. Here are some things they are doing:

Roger, with whom I went to elementary and high school (on and off), just got back from a trip to the Arctic to beef up the botany/DNA collections of the Canadian Museum of Nature. For some reason, he’s not mentioned in this article, but there is a photo of him in the gallery. HE WAS THERE, DAMMIT.

Lesley, a former ByTownian, makes music videos now. The film that she co-directed in which I play a circus tent might be done soon, funding depending. Post-production is time-consuming and expensive.

My friend Ruth, whom I met in a Music for Young Children class ca. 1982, writes and produces plays, when she’s not busy wrangling her two adorable kids under 3. She wrote this thing about it.

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