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It’s St. Patrick’s Day, one of those days where I cower indoors to do my drinking because I can’t deal with the loud amateurs, especially if their alcohol-soaked vomit is going to be green. Unfortunately, as my brother is hosting a nerd party (like, five guys playing D&D then revisiting really old Sega (?) fighting games, I might have to hide in my bedroom like I’ve been grounded for sneaking a beer to a school dance. (Btw, this never happened; my mother would give me beer. It’s better to have a drink at home then be roofied at a stranger’s house, I guess.)

There’s soda bread in the oven. I might have potatoes later. Guinness is off-limits for Heathen Vegan Lent, so I’ll have to make do with something else. As I’m only 1/16th Irish, it’s not really my day, anyway.

Yes! I said today is not about me! I have mentioned my projectionist Euchre partners and the conversion from film to digital projection*, but the Ottawa Citizen (who employ actual writers like Bruce Deachman) have done a profile of Paul Davis, Projectionist Extraordinaire and all-around pretty great guy. Go read it!

(*It may not be my day, but this is my blog, dammit.)

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