Off to let some Very Important People into the cinema for 8am, so no cathartic mondo entry today.  If you want real(-ish) writing, Mr Watson is finally posting the Very Late Review I compiled, and failed to send correctly, a month ago, on his website so that he can (finally) have a well deserved day off.

Here, you’ll just find some signs.


London transit

A sign that reminds me that Transport for London has a fine design department, and that OC Transpo's advertising is absolutely disgracefully amateur. (London 2011)


Poznan Glowny

A sign that Polish really has a lot of letters and accents in it. And that Sławomir really has an amazing job title. (Poznań 2011)


Mmm. Hamburger.

A sign that reminds me that I'm actually incredibly immature and don't care about getting the giggles in the middle of the street. (Berlin 2010)



Ditto. (Berlin 2011)



A sign that's just kinda fucking disturbing. (London 2011)



A sign that reminds me that Poland has really been through a lot in the last few decades. (Gdańsk 2010)


Berlin too

A sign, a much more famous one, that Berlin has too. (Berlin 2010)



A sign that Icelanders are both hilarious and kind of psychic, as this is before Bill went vegan. (Reykjavík 2008)



A sign that proves it's possible that sometimes you just want to punch a stranger, or a billboard, in the face. (Ottawa 2011)


It’s been a long week, one that is ending in at least one birthday party tonight. Have a lovely Friday, y’all.


4 thoughts on “Signs.

  1. Jackie

    Ottawa really knows how to party.
    I say that as someone who lives in a place that probably loves meetings just as much.

    “Turn a necessary evil into an enjoyable experience… we can help.”
    Makes me wonder what they’ll serve at that meeting for snacks. It’s aaaallll in the “snacks”.

  2. Jackie

    Also, how much does it make me weep to see evidence of a transit system WITH AN UPGRADE PLAN. I think the advert image for ours is our mayor with an axe and his car keys.

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