Richard’s new cat friend moved in yesterday and within a half-hour of arriving, had done a GIANT poop in his litterbox, and within a half-hour of my arriving for a visit, was dozing derpily in my lap. I think this new feline situation is gonna work out beautifully.

Of course, he accidentally found the catnip banana I bought him before Richard was ready to deal with a stoner beast and loved it and drooled all over it, then tripped balls for a good long while. (It’s now hidden in the liquor cabinet, behind the gin. Fingers crossed he doesn’t use his massive paws to figure out how to get in there.)

What a frickin’ awesome creature. I am going to find excuses to stop by all the damned time so I can play or snooze with him and annoy the hell out of his Papa.

Name pending. Maybe Malcolm (Mac) or Gene.


My friggin dude.

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