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In typical blogger style, I feel like I should do a 2010 round up. As I am still sick, I am having troubles with the summing up thing, here are a few events/accomplishments from the last year:

I fired someone. I put this first, because it was kind of a momentous thing. I won’t, honestly kind of for legal reasons, go into details, but it got kinda ugly and went down when the big boss was on an emailess vacation in the tropics, so I had to wait a week for confirmation that yes, he approved (heartily). Worst week of my life, almost, except that I left on vacation (the day before he came back) and…

…I met some friends from the internets in a pub in London, only one of whom I had met in person before. One, the delightful Arran, I have known in the online universe for nearly ten years, I think, and had NEARLY met twice before (due to financial and personal woes, these encounters proved impossible). She is just as awesome as I expected. Love her to bits.0

Later that day, I took a train to Newbury, where I saw Mark Watson perform for the third time. I do a silly but informative thing for his blog called The Very Late Review. Since I was having phone issues and could only communicate by Twitter, having a drink afterwards seemed problematic. So he announced on stage that he would find me after the show. Which he did, even though he had only met me briefly a year earlier after a show at Just for Laughs. Amazing. Very nice guy. Good to have as a seatmate on the way back to London too.

From London to Poland, to walk around rainy Kraków, feast in sunny Gdansk and Sopot with Piotr (who I have known for, god, 16 years?) and Chelsea (his lovely girlfriend of nearly six years), and get stuck in Poznán. Then I went to Berlin. Then Paris. I’ve written about those things, though.

Other things not occurring in July/August include going to New York City and meeting more longtime internet friends (hi Gwen, Nora, badverb, Amelia, Leit, Glinda, Geo, Celia and Cerberus!), going to UCB theatre, wandering around with Jackie (aka wipeout), taking photos of walls of Muppets, and eating loads and loads of yummy things. I also encountered one of the strangest, most inexplicably wasteful things I’ve ever seen: a coffee cup put in a bag, then another bag. Happened twice. Can’t explain it.

I also (finally) put together a pub quiz team with Ali,  Chris, Erica, and Mark and vanquished many an opposing team. Well, some weeks, anyway. It is a fine way to spend a Sunday evening, though sometimes we wish that there was another night when we were all available to play at a betterly fooded pub. Also, there is hardly anything I’m more competitive at then trivia stuff (I might be playing Trivial Pursuit on Xbox tonight). Which brings me to my athletic endeavours, in which I am lazy rather than truly competitive…

…in July 2009, I started running. A bit. I ran three 5Ks in the fall and did well for a novice. Then I did a rather trying 10K on NYE in fresh snow. I do not recommend this. Nonetheless, I thought I was ready to start training for a half-marathon in May. I probably was ready to train, but train properly, I did not. However, after a good 10K in early May in Toronto (Sporting Life – again with Jackie), I decided to go ahead with the daft plan to conquer 21K. You know what? It’s a fucking big race. I barely made it. I probably would have quit if thousands of people hadn’t been watching. I finished in 2:34:07. I will do better next year.

Additionally, and for only the second time ever, the dragon boat team I’ve been competing with for the last few years (on and off) made it to the semi-finals. We were first in our division on the second day (the slowest division, but whatever) and got medals! For the first time! I love getting medals. And in the last year and a bit, I’ve received five (mostly for running). They dangle from my door. I know I’m 33, but I kind of want a trophy wall for all my accomplishments (even if most are, in essence, awards for participating). Perhaps I can pin them up around my university diplomas.

So yeah, I know that 2010 was a bastard of a year for many, but for me, despite stolen bikes, abandoned classes, and utter gardening failures, it wasn’t half-bad, really. More than half-good, probably.

Happy 2011 to everyone who has made it this far in reading. And maybe even to those who haven’t.

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