Sleep therapy.


I have the worst cat.

One who protests his dislike over the food I gave him at (my) bedtime by chatting, yelling, and leaping around the house, waking me up three times before 3am.

Dude, if you were really starving, you would have eaten the food I gave you. You are lucky I haven’t made you into a rug.

I had intended to bike to Mooney’s Bay to check out the fitness park to see if it would be relevant to my interests, but, instead, I slept in until about ten minutes ago. Not the best start to a Monday.

Oh wait, it’s Friday, right?  Thank goodness.

4 thoughts on “Sleep therapy.

    • megan

      I feel him then because, normally, he eats, then sleeps (or gets to doing cat business that is non-intrusive). The later I feed him, normally, the longer he leaves me alone. Seasonal changes always make him a little nutty, so between that and not liking his food, he was a biiiiig jerk.

      • John

        OIC…well then that really sucks! I’m lucky both my cats will sleep beside me all night and one of them will go under the blankets and sleep at my feet keeping them toasty warm. Let’s hope your cat changes his tune so he doesn’t become a rug 🙂 Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Pedro Dubielski

    Mine’s been so close to becoming a pipe cleaner several times this week. He’s OK with his food, but water in a bowl is apparently worthy of bitching about at four in the morning. Because yeah, I’m totally going to get up and run that tap for you.

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