Sleeping in in hotel rooms.


Only gone overnight, but it’s huge progress that I didn’t bring a laptop on my little foray East. I used to bring it, like a security blanket, whenever I left the city limits. Thanks, Android! Now I am one of those arseholes who checks their smartphone 87 times a day instead of one of those idiots breaking their back carrying a laptop everywhere.

To be fair, I don’t own a laptop anymore and therefore couldn’t have brought one. Still, it’s kind of liberating.

Last night was fun. Finally got to experience Jimmy Carr performing in person (I walked by him when I came to see Mark Watson here three years ago and he was pretty teeny) and it was about as weird and offensive as you’d imagine, but very funny all the same. Only one person mentioned that tax business, which much of the audience didn’t seem to understand. Ah well.

It was great to see Alun Cochrane and Stephen K Amos again too. And the wee preview of Dave Gorman (whom I am seeing tonight) was wonderful.

But it was Danny Bhoy who brought the place down. He’s a ‘festival legend’, it turns out. I saw him on a double bill (with Mr Watson) in Newbury and had no idea who he was before then. He was on Q earlier this year, which is more or less a one-way ticket to Canadian stardom, but a ‘festival legend’ is not made overnight. Maybe I just wasn’t paying close attention. Anyway, go look he dude up, as he’s quite entertaining and I am on 4G in a hotel rather than WiFi and too lazy to find videos for y’alls.

Right, hotel buffet breakfast and then museuming. This tiny vacation has very little time to break me of real life’s worries so I have a lot of non-work to do.

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