A beautiful chilly morning. Fall’s great, eh? Even if I did have to wear wool socks to bed.

Yesterday, I put out a plea to friends and other readers to put together a team for Ride the Rideau next year. So far, three people have expressed interest. Hoorah!

However, next up in the world of competition is World Trivia Night, a fundraiser for the Children’s Aid Society, an organization near and dear to the heart of quizmaster Paul Paquet. It’s on November 9 and teams are made up of ten people.

It costs $300 to join per team, but 10 people can easily fundraise $30/apiece, right? Plus, there are prizes (like free food) for the teams that raise more than $1000, and draws for actual cash (and other prizes). C’est fou, non? And it will be fun! Please let me know if you want to participate!!

Kirk posited that intelligent design is nonsense because of how impractically testicles are contained in the human body.

Actually, I think he said “intelligent design, my ass” in reference to a friend of his getting hit in the ‘nads with a baseball and ending up in the hospital.

Sadly, this might have been the most intelligent thing said at Euchre last night. By any of us.

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