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So, the Oscar nominations, eh? I don’t know what I could say that would really surprise anyone at this point. I’ve seen five of the best picture nominees. I might see one more. That is all. I know at least four people who are actually angry that War Horse got in there. On yesterday’s Q Oscar panel, Brian D. Johnson referred to one of the other movies as ‘Extremely Tedious and Incredibly Long’ (I hadn’t wanted to see it before I heard that either – it sounds very overwrought, troubled, and schlocky).

But I have started a small Twitter project on the cinema’s feed, where every day (I hope that) I will post a non-nominated something that a staffer (or, y’know, the boss) thinks was really great and overlooked by the Academy this year. So far, my email call (put out yesterday afternoon) has resulted in an argument, which was not expected, but could result in interesting discussions. Or just torpedo the whole idea. I had been anticipating devoting some rage for the continued snubbing of Gary Oldman, but then, surprise! He *was* nominated. For the first time. (Seriously, WTF? How is that possible?)

Anyway, the Oscars don’t matter, remember? Except they do because of that thing where it helps our artsy-fartsy cinema’s box office numbers. And sometimes help indie films get noticed. I don’t know why, but, every year, I hope the Academy will ‘do it right’ and only nominate worthy films, actors, etc. That’ll never happen. I’ll try not to take it personally that AMPAS doesn’t bow to my wishes.

Also, BuzzFeed had a good list of the best films that weren’t nominated for Best Picture either. Note (again) that Hitchcock didn’t do so well, so maybe the Academy has never known anything.

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