At a coffeeshop waiting for some bike tweaking (again, I amu far too lazy to change a tube in the morning, especially a chilly one when I am too stupid to remember where I put my spare tube after Ride the Rideau, which, now that I think about it post-double espresso, is probably in the car).

I am in no mood for a long phone blog either, but I am definitely amused/irritated by the conversation at the next table where a social media ‘expert’ is trying, and failing, to explain how Twitter can help a small business.

‘A lot of people say clients don’t click on links, but I’m sure mine really do.’

Oh dear.

I don’t deny that Twitter can be useful, but it’s important to understand if and how it can be useful for your business rather than just say ‘Twitter has a lot of people* on it’ and ‘You can link to things’ without practical tips or, y’know, facts.

I would butt in to say ‘Really? You aren’t actually paying this ‘guru’ are you?’ but I’m a passive, loner jerk rather than an interrupting one today.

*Agh, now I have Barbra Streisand in my head.

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