Somnolent hitchhiking and tinkly piano lullabies.


Day 10 of #100BM

I have to take my bike in for a tune-up tomorrow (its ‘appointment’ is on Wednesday, but they advised me to bring it in ‘at least’ a day early). I don’t want to be without my bike in good weather, or even shitty-for-summer weather. It’s my sanity, even when my commute drives me insane.

Argh, gah, etc.

When I have a chunk of bucks, I really should get some of the bits of bike in the garage, which have been sitting dormant for years, fixed up into a working set of wheels so this need never happen. Advice on where to bring them for non-scammy assistance? (It took me a month to get an appointment to get a tune-up, so I imagine it’ll take a while to get anything up and running.)

In the meantime, if someone wants to buy me this, that’d be super.

I also had one of my patented Sundays of Non-Sleep last night, so I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck. A truck full of Ambien and rage. I’m like a dozy Hulk who still has muscle ache two days after hauling a bit of dirt around. Drowsy Wuss Hulk.

“Zzzzzmrph…RAAARRRRRRRR! HULK SMASH…AAAAAGH, my fucking BACK! Anyone got any Percocet or somethin’? My chiropractor can’t see me until Wednesday.”

3 thoughts on “Somnolent hitchhiking and tinkly piano lullabies.

  1. Mark K

    If you have the bits, I could put the bike together for you. I used to work in a bike shop with the mechanics.

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