#100BM Day 47

Twice yesterday, people were delighted to be told that their lost items had been found in the cinema auditorium. Twice I was thanked profusely, and was then told that they KNEW the ‘people’ at our particular movie theatre wouldn’t steal their shit, the implication being that the staff and/or the public who frequent our establishment aren’t thieving bastards and/or are somehow ‘better people’.

I dunno. I lost my wallet at a multiplex once. I’ve lost it at a pub too, on a Saturday night. I lost a different wallet at a Walmart. All were retrieved, money intact, easily.

(I haven’t lost a wallet in many years, btw, lest you think I am absolutely hopeless. Just mostly hopeless.)

Anyway, that bothered me, even though in both cases it was meant as a compliment. And I hear similar things fairly frequently, as if we attract a better class of clientele. I dunno, we deal with superdicks plenty; a customer once had their coat disappear within minutes of accidentally leaving it behind, assholes try fairly often to pay for their tickets with unrolled pennies and nickels, and more than once an embarrassed fuckwits has throw up (or shit out) in the washrooms and not told the staff, etc.

I think people by and large are good. It’s not a class thing. It’s not because we aren’t showing the latest Expendables movie or catering to teenagers that shit doesn’t get stolen (often). Membership at our cinema is not some kind of elite fanciful secret society shit; it’s just a discount system. If we find your wallet with $100 bucks still in it, thank us, and move along. We’re just doing our job.

In other news, Hamish is going to the vet next week to be tested for hyperthyroidism. Not only is he skinny, hungry, hyper, and barfy, but his poops are so stinky that he won’t even bury them. Weebro claims that Hamish more or less herded him downstairs and pointed to his litterbox as if to say ‘YOU deal with it. NOW.’ I believe him.

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