Today, there was a wee viewing for a movie project that cinema staff (current and former), plus some friends and other, more professional, performers worked on a few years ago. I play a circus tent because sure. I’ve probably mentioned the movie a few times in this space, but this was the first time that most of us saw a rough cut of what is nearly the final(ish) version of the film.

I did not recoil in terror from seeing my giant visage on the big screen, but did nervously, and snarkily, commentate like an asshole because I was anxious and not good at bottling it. Yay me.

Somewhat hilariously, a staffer not involved in the project, but who happened to be at the cinema while the screening was on, didn’t even recognise me in it, which is somehow bad, yet great. My face is scary. But that’s intentional. Or just a happy accident, since I can’t actually act.

The singing bits (not just me, but a chorus of us all) have been cut, which I am mostly fine with. The special effects thus far are really inventive and the acting is crazy fun/great.

Here are some clips that were posted a few years ago for the handful of people who have been asking about ‘that movie (I’m) in’ since forever and who may not have otherwise seen it yet. The co-directors think they might be done an actual final version by Christmas, time and money permitting. We shall see (and maybe you will too).

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