Standing this indecision.


#100BM Day 11

Picking up my bike this morning. And it may be -10C (yep, in March) right now, and there may be snowbanks and dickheads lurking on every block, but I am going to try to bike to work, y’all.

The above puts me at risk of sounding too upbeat for this excitement-neutral blogging project, so here’s more: Today I am working on what to raise our candy prices. Our chocolate bars have gone up, oh, a quarter in the last ten years? That ain’t enough, but I am not good at this sort of thing. We charge much less than most cinemas, and will continue to do so, but I have a great deal of trouble turning off my whiny ‘I wouldn’t pay this much for Nibs!’ voice; I am a cheapskate untrained in any actual business skills. It a problem that might impede that whole world domination thing I’ve been working on.

4 thoughts on “Standing this indecision.

  1. Mark

    I would either:
    a) figure out the percentage markup when you first introduced the candy, and then scale it accordingly to your wholesale price; or

    b) have a meeting with your boss and come to an agreement on general markup percentages. Readjust prices as your wholesale prices change.

    • megan

      I am not entirely inept, so of course we have done those things. Well, not since we first introduced any item, since I don’t have records back to 1988. It’s just a matter of finalizing right now and deciding whether 18-20% markup at once is too much in one go, or whether that will prevent our having to increase the price again in two years.

      Oh, and we have to keep the taxes-in price ending in something quarter-friendly.

        • megan

          It’s fine. I think my self-deprecating ways make it look to some like I am way more unqualified than I actually am. I’m only MOSTLY unqualified. 🙂

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