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<i>#100BM Day 18</i>

Helluva long day. Had to get up early to vote before dealing with 185 very hungry children coming to see The Lego Movie as a schoolwide year-end treat.

Due to their poor organization, and greediness, we couldn’t keep up with popcorn orders (we actually stopped selling larges because you scoop four of those, and that’s a kettle batch, and then the machine is empty again), which is always a shitty challenge, especially when a school principal (who are still scary when you are an Olde Spinster like I am) is pretty much tapping her watch and ready to send you to detention because the film hasn’t started.

Kids are ridiculous in their food choices too. The two staffers helping with the rental were instructed to ‘bring out as many Skittles as you can’. They did not fully understand this directiveand twice had to go to the stock room to get more. One girl, of about 9, bought two big bags of them, plus a Mars Bar, plus a medium Orange Crush. One of the teachers, who was standing in the queue trying to mitigate delays from indecisive children, tried, briefly, to talk her out of it, or at least talk her down, but nope.

At least post-movie, the kids were going more or less straight home, so ultimately the parent who gave her $20 for snacks would have to deal with the monumental, potentially house-explodingly rage-y blood sugar spike and crash.

Or maybe she shared with friends, I can’t be sure.

But 185 children, not all of whom had money to get snacks, managed to spend nearly as much money as the some of the annual sell-out shows of the Banff Mountain Film Festivals, when 650 hungry people wipe us out of, well, almost everything. Good times.

Even though it took an age to get them in, and to clean up after them, the cheery wee “Thank you” chorus when they left made it worth it. Mostly.

Anyway, it was exhausting and sweaty work. It took me ages to settled to get my usual publication-y work done. The temptation to tune into World Cup stuff was huge, but I managed to avoid it.  I didn’t listen to anything about the election until after the polls closed. Liberal majority. Mixed feelings about that. I don’t feel like there were (m)any good choices to be made, which I think is something I share with much of the voting populace (and a lot of the non-voting one).

But our MPP was reelected. I like him. That’s fine.

Entirely unrelated, the No Such Thing as a Fish podcast is one of my new favourite things. I want to hang out with them. I know things! Please have me on your show.

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