Staring at walls as well as I used to.


Cripes, another filler entry? Oh, shush. I’m tired.

It’s nice and sunny and quite cold, so I might make today a running day, but really, my priorities are cleaning, soup-making, and, later, spinstering out big time style and eating a giant bowl of spaghetti, drinking wine, memorising the six key Oscar category winners of the 1990s (nearly there), and watching movies. It’s been a helluva long and social week (which is a good thing), so I am in dire need of some cave time.

Except, my dream plans are more or less scuppered by that thing where I have to get an arseload of work done this weekend because (oh, boohoo) next week’s a four-day work week where I have more work than in a usual five-day one (publication day is coming up right quick). That’ll be super fun, y’all!

(Actually, it *is* the fun bit of my job, where I get to research film reviews for next two-month programme, so, yes, I should just shut up already. I am missing my laptop immensely now, though, because I can’t work in front of the television anymore. Have I mentioned how superpro I can be?)

In the meantime, I recommend listening to the last in Tim Key’s Late Night Poetry Programme series. (Don’t be scared! Poetry isn’t scary! And he’s very funny!)  Or, as I’ve been doing lately, catching up on the films of Billy Wilder (The Seven Year Itch was on television last night). Or doing something that entertains and targets your brain a bit. Enjoy your Saturday.


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