Stepping up to the plate.


Slept pitifully last night, entirely because of a certain feline who likes three things better than almost anything: Sleeping in my armpit, snoring, and having noisy baths right next to my ear. Feeling foggy and groggy and would love nothing more than to curl back up and snooze. What a shame that I have to be at work (a bit) early.

Here are some things I feel like I should be doing, but not enough to actually do them:

  1. Caring about the NDP leadership race more. Yes, I am a member of a political party, but largely a non-participatory for the last several years. I like my MP, who is one of the leadership candidates (and is making some kind of major announcement right this very moment), but there are EIGHT candidates, most of whom (seem to) have extremely similar policies, and each candidate’s team has robocalled at least once. It’s a lot of calls. I get more calls about the leadership campaign than I do from friends (sad but true). (Of course, any call from an 877 number doesn’t get answered, but they all leave voicemail.) No, I don’t know who I’m voting for. I will figure it out. Just…leave me alone, okay?
  2. Watching ‘Boardwalk Empire’ and/or ‘True Blood’ and/or any other HBO show that isn’t ‘Game of Thrones’ or ‘Bored to Death’ (RIP). HBO shows are mostly great, right? But I could barely care less about ‘catching up’ on them, especially as I didn’t even watch some of their earlier hits. Like The Sopranos. And Six Feet Under. All that makes me feel like a failure as a human being/pop culture icon. It’s also weird to feel pressure to watch more television. And I’ll watch the latter two things before I start on the shows that are still airing.
  3. Giving two shits about hockey. National sport #2 (the other is lacrosse, apparently) and I really can’t be bothered much with it. The only time I watched it on a regular basis was when I lived with a Leafs fan, a Habs fan (who was married to the Leafs fan), and a Senators fight, so it was hilarious to watch the ‘debates’ and arguments. In fact, I remember those a bit more than the games themselves. Maybe if I went to a game, it would be different? I’ve been told the ‘energy’ is different and that the love of the game is infectious somehow, but eh.
  4. Coming up with better writing assignments than this. Because this one ran out of steam about 20 minutes and a cup of coffee ago.

2 thoughts on “Stepping up to the plate.

  1. Erica

    I can suggest a twofer (though I think I might’ve mentioned it already at pub quiz)! The HBO 24/7 series (only 2 seasons of 4 episodes each) is a fabulous insider look at hockey that was made for people who aren’t necessarily fans. I’ve never cared about hockey (…understatement), and I absolutely never watch it when it’s on tv. But when it’s narrated and filmed by HBO, it’s a truly beautiful and exciting thing to see. It even inspired me to feel a WEE bit of fannish glee during the winter classic game itself, and I can now pick out a handful of players on sight. Each season is about the two teams playing in each year’s winter classic, and it shows the lead-up and behind-the-scenes stuff – coaching strategies, locker room celebrations and defeats, injuries, how the players let off steam… Give the first episode a try and see if it piques your interest.

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