I definitely ate less than I could/should have yesterday, but my paranoia over my meagre stock of food disappearing is really very strong. I went to be a little after 10 last night and woke up every couple of hours, including after dreams about running out of rice before week’s end.

One day into a pretty lightweight ‘poverty’ challenge, and I’m in hoarding mode.

I’ll be too weak for that alleged forthcoming zombie apocalypse because I won’t want to bust into a can of peaches yet. Or someone will shoot me because I didn’t let them know I had some peanuts in my pocket.

Porridge this morning included some red lentils. I set some aside for a mid-afternoon snack too. I’m also bringing more soup to work than I did yesterday. I might also be bringing a serving of last night’s supper in case I hang out at a friend’s place tonight. All that? Less food than I would bring for a single work lunch.

I feel like I’m on a hideous crash diet. LighterLife, maybe?

I can’t believe people eat so little willingly.

I can’t believe some people (1.2 billion of them) have to live this way unwillingly.

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