Strange brews.


#100BM Day 35

Here’s a bummer: Canada Day celebrations in Trafalgar Square have been cancelled. Planned celebrations in New York and China too. The Canadian government privatized overseas celebrations via their embassies/High Commissions/consulates overseas and, this year, they couldn’t find sponsors.

Canada Day is the only time it’s acceptable for homesick Canadians abroad to make slightly more noise than usual, then apologize for their drunken behaviour later. It’s the Canadian way.


Also, as if Tim Hortons and/or Labatt wasn’t all over that shit. I’ll find them some bloody sponsorship for next year.

Here’s a thing I wrote a couple of years ago (nominally) about going to Canada House in London on July 1, 2004.

And here’s an annoying song that predates my life by ten years, but was a very annoying part of my childhood all the same.

Someone wished the cinema a happy Dominion Day. I expect, from the number of #DominionDay messages on his feed, he’s still angry at Trudeau (Pierre).

Right, now to celebrate while trying to avoid the worst, barfiest crowds and heatstroke. Air-conditioned fun!

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