Stress management.


Over the last few days, I have been wondering if something is amiss in the universe, whether I’m part of the world’s lamest episode of ‘Candid Camera’, or if everything’s continuing as normal and people are just weird and I should learn to accept it (the latter is my usual M.O.). All work-related, of course.

  1. A man rang our doorbell in the middle of the day to tell us that he was very upset because a film’s run was ending before the end of the month.
    “And I never have money at the end of the month! It is very unfair of you to do this to your customers!”
    (If he he doesn’t have money at the end of the month, then how does the movie ending before then affect him?)
  2. A different man phoned us, very upset, because he picked up our program guide and saw that our info line’s last four digits were spelled out as ‘FILM’.
    “I’m trying to reach your info line and I don’t understand!”
    “Well, I can answer any questions you have.”
    “It’s about your info line!”
    “Do you need showtime information?”
    “No. I have your calendar in front of me! I just picked it up at Metro! But why does your info line have letters in it? What does it mean?”
    “Oh, those correspond to the number 3456.”
    “How was I supposed to know that! I’m on a cell phone! It’s unclear and I don’t think you should expect your customers to know what that means.”
  3. A new distributor, after I emailed to ask him whether we would have a print in time for a press screening on a certain date.
    “I don’t understand what you’re asking.”

Add to that a woman who came to the wrong cinema (ours), at the wrong time, and for the wrong movie yesterday, and my mind is addled by the WTF.

Also, the Pepsi machine more or less exploded yesterday. The tech hadn’t arrived by the time I left (three hours after my initial call), so it might not be fixed by the time I go in this morning. Yay.

The boss leaves on vacation tomorrow, so let’s hope for only happy, normalish customers for the next couple of weeks, yes? I don’t want to have to go to jail. Again.

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