#100BM Day 90

Maybe one day, I will write something insightful about leaked celebrity nude shots (and even ‘naughtier’ things), but today is not that day.

Instead, gaze upon the glory of my front hall (complete with cat) when there is nothing in it.


Those baseboards? That doorframe? The newel post? All of them have lovely wood underneath.

Years ago, my mother pondered taking the thick layers of paint off, but did not because it was daunting work, though she did similar de-uglifying of trim in the dining room. And another layer was added to the mix.

I am not good at fixing up things, or keeping house, or anything vaguely domestic except baking and soup-making, but inspired by cleaning this space over the weekend, and the fact that we really should paint the walls anyway because we had some post-flood crack repair (older house, mostly lath and plaster), I’m thinking about beautification, depainting the decades of WTF, and at least a couple of weekends of hard graft.

But I am also lazy.

So, does anyone have suggestions/tips/etc. on how to make this job easier for a slothy slob like me? Yes, YouTube, etc., but I like hints from people I know as well. Sometimes the internet is too big.

In news totally unrelated: Last month was the busiest at the cinema in nearly two years and my first-in-months from-frozen pizza is ready to come out of the oven. Boo-yah.

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