Boss is away from today and in my tired, unwell state, I feel like calling the security company to put my name at the top of the contact list temporarily is going to jinx me. We’ve already had to replace our popcorn machine pump and Pepsi compressor this month, so it’s only a matter of time before the middle-of-the-night calls start again. Then the drunk undergrads will smash up our windows and a hobo will pee on (hopefully not in) our mail slot again.

Terrible sleep last night again, but I did have a slice of pie quite soon before I went to bed, so I can’t be sure if it was meds causing it or my ill-timed snack.

Wow, boring even myself with the Eeyoring. Maybe I need more coffee. And a horseshoe to tack to my office wall, which will cause a crack in the plaster, which will, over a series of ‘comical’ chain reactions, cause the entire cinema building to collapse.

Ugh. Is 9:23am too early to start drinking?

In other news, the Edward Burtynsky exhibit ‘Oil’ at the Museum of Nature was well worth seeing. It ends Monday, so get there quickly. Interesting (political?) decision to refer to ‘Oil sands’ instead of ‘Tar sands’, given the critical nature of the series. Government pressure?

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