Swirling and Twirling.


For my birthday this year, my brother bought me a ticket to a fundraiser for Ottawa’s GLBTTQA communities, which is grand because I like wine and I like food and I like human rights and shit. You get a stonking number of drinking tickets and as I arrived late (I had to run home to pick up my ticket, ’cause I’m a total doof), I drank a lot of in a very short amount of time. I don’t do that so much, particularly on a weeknight, especially when my supper consists of hors d’oeuvres and miniature cream puffs. Totally worth it, though, and I don’t have a hangover this morning through the liberal consumption of mint tea when I got home. Success!

Some observations:

1. The crowd at this gathering was unusually tall. Like, my brother (6’3) and I (5’10) felt crowded in because we couldn’t see above people’s heads, as we are used to being able to do.

2. Nicastro’s has some very, very fine cheese. People do not like when you block the route to the cheese.

3. Their speakers need to be louder. Ian can make his voice giant. He should do it some time. Or at least assist by yelling ‘OY! STUFF IS HAPPENING ON STAGE.’

4. Not that I’m a fashion plate, but Ottawans, get your shit together: cargo shorts at a winey fundraiser at City Hall? Fuck that.

5. Alcoholic ginger beer has the potential to become a dangerous new habit.

Next week’s food adventures take me to the Back Lane Café. I might report back in detail.

One thought on “Swirling and Twirling.

  1. Ian

    The one time I actually spoke onstage at said event, I believe I actually cleared my throat into the mic to get the crowd’s attention.

    Glad you enjoyed yourself. 🙂

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