#100BM Day 42 (?)

Earlier today, I was telling Richard how excited I was about my long run today, even though I was nervous about my training-wagon-off-falling, because it was a perfect day for it. It was cool, and sunny, and spring is past the mold stage, but not quite at the every-is-blooming stage, so I can breathe a bit better.

My body had other plans.

Since there might be a squeamish readers, I won’t go into too much detail, but my lady parts are trying to make up for being four (!!) days behind schedule by doing all their dirty business at once.

The result? I made it 15 minutes before lower back and thusfar useless baby-making area pains made me just…stop. I literally just sat down on the grass and thought ‘nope, I can’t do another 90 minutes of this. I can’t even do another two right now.’

Minor victory? After a few moments of wallowing, I did run most of the way home. And 4km is better than none. But son of a fucking bitch, why is the human body so ridiculous and gross.

Oh, and read this article about bleeding lady athletes while I go grab some wine like the stereotypical bag of hormones I apparently am.

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