As I sit on my back porch, drinking my second beer of the day which exceeded yesterday’s daily budget ($2.10 pint can of Grolsch – sale!), I should be reflecting on what I’ve learned this week, and yep, I’m thinking about money and food some more.

Oh, and listening to (horny?) squirrels scream at each other, as they are wont to do in in my backyard.* Continue reading

Fusion cuisine.


Just when I’m feeling okay (a more substantial meal last night helped greatly), I go over some of my math for the week and realise that I am not. I have accounted for more sugar than I paid for at the beginning of the week. I should be out of oats by now (I think – though, I am close and panicking).

So between my food-deprived brain, useless scale, and being almost 20 years from my last math class, all numbers are approximate. I guarantee, though, that I have not gone over a daily budget. Continue reading

The Byrds.


I’m getting bored with myself, and my food. Another lame night’s sleep, though this time it was largely Hamish’s fault; he decided that the food I gave him last night wasn’t good enough, so started his breakfast campaign at 12:30am.

Seriously. What the hell, cat.
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I definitely ate less than I could/should have yesterday, but my paranoia over my meagre stock of food disappearing is really very strong. I went to be a little after 10 last night and woke up every couple of hours, including after dreams about running out of rice before week’s end. Continue reading



At the end of day one, or, at least, near its end, I am exhausted, hungry, resentful of people, strangers, whose Live Below the Line budget somehow stretched to eggs or peanut butter (most of those people are pooling resources, I imagine), and finally eating supper.

This was not an easy day. Continue reading

Nutrimat-made ATS.


I feed my cat slightly snooty food. Not handmade by local artisans, but not the stuff that regularly goes on sale for 3/$1 and is made of ‘meat by-products’ (muskrat tails?) and woodchips (probably). It means that, this week, I will be spending more on Hamish than on myself. Continue reading



I’m going to be fighting with temptations all of next week. I drank half a bottle of wine last night so that it wouldn’t be there, taunting me into attempting to drink my blues away. There is free coffee, and popcorn, at work. Oh, and my cupboards are full of food (though the fridge is not in great shape). Continue reading

$6.61 breakfast at a chain coffeeshop.


First of all, I want to thank everyone who has donated so far because believe me I KNOW what an utter bombardment we are all faced with fundraising-wise nowadays. I try to do my part, and have running donations to three different charities every month, but I have to be realistic too and say ‘no’ (or, more likely, not say anything, as is my way) to a lot of the requests I get. It really means a lot that you chose to donate to Live Below the Line. Continue reading